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    Default Can a Real Estate Broker Impose a Dress Code on Independent Agetns

    My question involves independent contractors in the state of: Missouri.

    I am a real estate agent, which is classified as a 1099/independent contractor. My brokerage firm is indicating that we cannot wear jeans. Now I completely understand the concept of dress to impress. I also believe a good pair of jeans can make you more comfortable and able to work more confidently. As long as I'm doing my business, not breaking any laws (including ethical ones), and not wearing cut-off jeans/ jeans with holes in them or something similar, can they legally require this? I thought the whole point to doing your own business was to succeed, or even fail, at your own discretion. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Broker Limiting Dress

    You're not going to win this one. Your brokerage is free to tell you what you can and can not wear. Trying to play the IC-vs-Employee card will get you nowhere. It would be different if they made you wear a brokerage-logo'd blazer, but saying you have to wear appropriate business attire, is not.

    You also appear to misunderstand things. Telling you what you can wear is a factor in determining if you are an actual employee (as far as taxation, etc.. is concerned) rather than a contractor and NOT a set of rules you can flaunt because you are a contractor. The best that will happen is you get reclassified as an employee. The more likely solution is you'll be fired/contract terminated.

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    Default Re: Broker Limiting Dress

    Yes, they can legally require this.

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