Okay, I could have sworn I posted this thread a while back, but I guess I'll have to do this thread again. I didn't find my thread anywhere, but if it's located somewhere around here then let me know. I have no intention of spamming anything.

My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California

Around the start of this year, I had gotten a speeding ticket for going 90 miles per hour. However, this sort of bugged me for a while.

How it happened: I was heading to work on a freeway until I ran into a somewhat heavy traffic. At the end of it, there was a diesel truck pulled over by an officer. As soon as I passed by, I had a quick glance at my speedometer and notice it was above 80 miles per hour. I didn't see the exact speed because I was too focused on my surroundings while I was slowing down to at least 70 miles per. Once I at least got to 70 (which was okay last time I read the booklet unless I read it wrong), I was practically half a mile away and the officer finally got on the road. However, as soon as he did he IMMEDIATELY came after me and pulled me over! I had asked, "Is there a problem officer?" he then responded, "Yes, you went over 90 miles per hour" and I was like, "90?!" He then asked for my license and registration and gave me a ticket. Ever since then, it was bugging me like crazy. Reason being is that the last time I was pulled over by an officer about 5 years ago, he gave me a chance to slow down for about 3/4 of a mile before giving me a ticket. Has the laws changed for speeding around 5 years or was the officer not doing his job properly?