My question involves civil rights in the State of: Texas

If you are having interactions/incidents that you feel should be documented, to keep a history or record of the progress. Say someone is being offence or making inappropriate comments or insinuates veiled threats etc etc. You don't want to do anything now, but in case it gets worse you want to be able to show that it's not just a one time thing but a pattern.

Is there a good way to keep notes on this? A simple way would be just a text or Word document with date entries, but I think someone could easily dismiss that saying it's trivial to alter a text document retrospectively (that you could easily type up a page with 4 date entries). Is there a way that can't be easily dismissed, that would show more concretely that the entries were made on the actual dates and the contents could not have been altered later on?

(After discussing elsewhere it looks like even the created or modified dates on computer files can be altered so even those are not very reliable)

Thank you.