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    Default Enforcing a Verbal Contract

    6 years ago me and a friend of mine who was close to losing his property agreed to let me buy 1/4 of his land approx43 achers. we went to the title company here in show low and after the papers were drawn up told us they could not finish because the land was not paid for.we did it anyway me paying him a check every month for the last 6 years written on check is for land and well payment. have a written paper that says i own 1/2 of well and water rights and copy of title company papers neither of which are notorized. also went to a court trial 3 1/2 years ago and me paying him for his property is on court record. he now has refinancied his land and house and gave me a approx half the money i paid himand said he would give me the rest later and says i have to move i have kept my bargain what about him. i still owe 4 years of payments to him . also i have a witness to the verbal agreement and handshake. i told him no and i will not cash his check. what can i do? arizona

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    Default Re: Enforcing a Verbal Contract

    With the documentation you have, statements made in court, and the payment history, you may be able to establish your claim. But realistically, you're going to need to get help from a real estate lawyer.

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