I have several issues regarding my house Philly PA, but I'll start with this one.
I now have a judgement against me from a mortgage company for foreclosure.
in 2003. I never foreclosed on my house. I still live in this "forelcosed" house today. Yes, my house was in danger of foreclosing, however, at that time my only option was to file for bankruptcy. I filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy within the time frame that was given, before the mortage company took further action. About 8 months later my banckruptcy was dismissed, my debt was not enough to keep in bankruptcy status. The mortgage company that filed for foreclosure is no longer my mortgage company and has not been since 2003. I called the courts about my judgement who referred me to the lawyer that was handling my foreclusure for the mortgage co. This woman did not know anything about the case. The woman told me that my house went up for sheriff sale, I told that I still lived in the house, she was suprised. She also did not know that I was not under that mortgage company any more. This woman also told me this is staying on my credit until I finish paying the mortgage loan.My question is, why should it the judgement stay on my credit? If I ever decided to pay my mortgage in full, the mortgage company who planned to foreclose would never know because they sold my mortgage in 2004 to another company who I am currently with.