A judgement was entered against my husband in Maryland District Court for an 8 year old debt from a previous landlord and a garnishment was filed against him. Our home address on the court order was misspelled so he did not receive any of the notices to come to court. They have subsequently garnishment my personal checking account although I am not named in the garnishment order. My account is not a joint account but is "linked" to a seperate account that my husband has. (It gives him access but is strictly my account.) My assets are now frozen and the overdraft fees are starting to pile up. We asked the bank for a copy of the order but are having no success. They stated that they mailed it but could not tell us exactly when and we have not received it (It's been 5 days). They did give us the attorney's number who sent only the 1st page of the order but no information about how to respond to this action that has been taken against us. My husband acknowledges that he does infact owe the money and would like to make some sort of payment arrangements but he would also like to have my account released. Is this legal??