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    Default Offender is Suing the Victim for Statements in a Police Report

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: TN

    I am not sure how to ask a question about this. I was assaulted 7 months ago. My offender was at the time my boyfriend. He was originally charged with kidnapping and domestic assault. The prosecutor did not feel he could prove kidnapping, and offered reckless endangerment and domestic assault. He took that deal and plead guilty. He has since filed Pro Se motion to attempt to have his guilty plea thrown out, and has also filed a lawsuit for civil rights violations against me personally. He had previously tried to file a lawsuit but used the wrong law and so it was thrown out because he filed the lawsuit you would file if a police officer violated your rights under the color of law.

    He alleges that I lied on my police report to have him arrested for Revenge because he cheated on me.

    Is this even a real thing? Can a criminal sue his victim after he pleads guilty to a crime, alleging that the crime didn't even happen?

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    Default Re: Offender Suing Victim

    Have you actually been served or is this just a threat?

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    Default Re: Offender Suing Victim

    It has been filed but I have not yet been served.

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    Eph612Mom, I like your name. That verse is so true. Just remember, nothing and no one has the Power The Lord Does. He is strongest when we are weakest.

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    Default Re: Offender Suing Victim

    Thank you

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