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    Default Options for Mortgage Debt from an Uninhabitable Home

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: North Carolina.

    My girlfriend owes $55000.00 for a house that is uninhabitable. Is there some way that she can get out from under this mortgage before we get married so that I do not have to assume responsability and protect my credit rating?

    Thanks for you time.

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    Default Re: to Dissolve Mortgage Debt

    What makes you think by marrying her you become responsible for the debt or that your credit rating will be affected?

    Why is the house uninhabitable?
    Her options is to not pay the mortgage, which will trash her credit rating, and hope they foreclose.
    She can declare bankruptcy, but whether that's a good idea depends on her entire financial situation. It will also trash her credit.
    She can figure out how to pay the mortgage or sell the house off.

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