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    Default Death to to a Defective Smart Meter

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Oklahoma

    My father, Thurston Dale Nicklas, was killed by defective Itron Smart Meters. I could not find a law firm willing to challenge AEP/PSO or Itron on contingency before Statute of Limitations Expired, but I have ongoing health problems and so do you.

    I was injured about five or six years ago when ONG sneaked a gas transmitting meter near my home office.

    My father was a retired attorney and he was working on reinstatement in the Oklahoma bar in order to seek a court ordered accomodation for me under the Americans wirth disabilities act, and while he was working on the paperwork PSO killed him.

    This issue has to be remedied by mass tort.

    I am no longer a plaintiff (for the wrongful death)because SOL expired but I'm a great exhibit.

    And I have expert witnesses.

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    Default Re: Death to to a Defective Smart Meter

    A class action or mass action is only possible if (a) there are similarly situated people who are reporting injury and (b) the statute of limitations has not expired on their claims.

    As there do not appear to be any such plaintiffs, no litigation is likely to occur.

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    Default Re: Death to to a Defective Smart Meter

    There are fresh victims available.

    I can find them for you.

    Do you have the war chest to take on AEP and Itron?

    This has been the problem for me: I can EASILY prove this case, and I can probably prove the companies responsible KNEW they were going to cause injuries and deaths with this technology but did it anyway.

    This is 21st century asbestos.

    Anybody here have the balls and the wallet to fix this?

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    Default Re: Death to to a Defective Smart Meter

    You seem to misunderstand the nature of this forum. It isn't to find people to take on issues and fight them in court.

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    Default Re: Death to to a Defective Smart Meter

    Wow. Asbestos all over.

    Um, the problem with asbestos is that the danger was not originally known. With em transmissions, there is plenty of equipment available to measure for it and unless you have access to somebody’s super secret studies, there is no proven concern of injury from the source you claim there is.

    So, since you can prove causation, have at it. Lay out your proof.

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    Default Re: Dunce Grid

    I have many questions, and the most important one is "Who is going to go FIRST?" I should present some background information, so I will do this now: I was injured by an Itron AMR gas meter that Oklahoma Natural Gas snuck onto my property several years ago. I was hospitalized twice for peripheral edema, before I found ot this meter was transmitting pulses of nonionizing radiation at me.

    I discontinued my natural gas service, but the company refused to remove the meter so I did it myself, and phoned them to come and get it, which they did. My father was a retired attorney, and he initialized to process for reinstatement in the Oklahoma Bar Association in order to sue them for an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, on my behalf. To force them to provide an analog gas meter that doesn't transmit, or one that was set for "bubble up" mode. Which they have done for others who are electrically sensitive, but have refused to do for me. While he was working on reinstatement in the Bar, he forgot to pay his electric bill. AEP/PSO cut off his power, and when he paid the bill, they switched out his meter for an Itron smart meter.

    He lost his ability to walk two days later. We had an electrician install shielding for the RF radiation and he got better, but a year later they installed two more on the neighbors' homes and he had a stroke and died. I know other stroke victims. I have EHS now because of injuries from the gas meter. I have been diagnosed with EHS by a board certified physician. This is a summary of the science from 2014^^^^ I still don't have natural gas service, and since last february I no longer have electric service because AEP installed a smart meter, and I again had to remove it myself and call them to come get it.

    They put a padlock on my meter housing so I couldn't remove it, but I cut their lock off with a cutting torch. Haha. At the rate increase hearing at the Oklahoma Corporation Comission there were a couple dozen victims present and one of their own employees CRIED on the stand. Does anybody here smell blood? I can find you fresh victims, and I can prove this technology is defective and injurious. I need this done even if I never get compensated for my injuries, because I need heat and light. I provided a .pdf in an earlier post.

    My body is the proof, I have had at least seven instances of heart arrythmia from brief exposures to smart meters, including one that happened on the way into Gary Richardson's office. His son didn't show up on time for my appointment and they never bothered to reschedule. Haha. Real simple way to prove it: Blindfold me. Put me inside a faraday cage with EKG and a smart meter. Turn on the smart meter Record the results. There's a few problems with this approach:

    1) Can we get an evidentiary hearing to admit this as evidence before we do it? I don't really want another arrythmia but I'm wqilling to do it ONCE on purpose to prevent it from happening again at random.

    2)It's illegal to do science experiments on human beings without pre-approval from a board that oversees these experiments. Ironic huh? I don't know why my reply ended up on my last post but you can find it there.

    Thanks for asking questions, please keep them coming. Sorry this is against the rules, but my replies are not working properly. Well that's okay, but it is for legal advice is it not? I can rephrase this to "how do I find a law firm willing to fight this." Or various other ways. And there are particular legal questions regarding this case, which I will meet out if you allow me to proceed. There is a myBB tech problem here. None of my replies are working properly.

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    Default Re: Dunce Grid

    They put a padlock on my meter housing so I couldn't remove it, but I cut their lock off with a cutting torch.


    ha ha? That was a very stupid thing to do. I have seen a fire department watch a house burn down because they are smart enough to not pull meters and the lineman hadn’t been there to cut the service lines yet.

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    Default Re: Dunce Grid

    "how do I find a law firm willing to fight this."

    Pick up the phone, and start dialing. You will not find representation by posting on a message board, nor by emailing, nor by using the live chat feature on the websites.

    If you are looking for referrals, you cannot get them here. Call your state Bar Association, your local legal aide, or any law schools in your area for referrals.

    Then start calling them. That's the only way to do.

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    Default Re: Death to to a Defective Smart Meter

    Understand that violations of the ADA cannot result in money damages for the plaintiffs. All that the court can do is order an injunction to stop the illegal discrimination and award attorneys fees. Moreover, the ADA might not be the best approach anyway. If you are arguing that the meters are dangerous to anyone (as you appear to be doing here) then it would likely be more beneficial to pursue it as a product liability/negligence claim.

    Class actions, as Mr. K points out, requires proving that all members of the class are similarly situated, which means proving that they are affected in the same way and that their damages are similar. In these kinds of situations that is difficult to do since each person is likely affected differently and would suffer different damages.

    You’ll need to keep contacting attorneys in your state to see if any are interested. I’d look for attorneys who do product liability/negligence cases. You can get money damages for that and you don't have some of the problems you would have with an ADA claim, like whether the utility is even subject to the ADA in the first place. I discuss that issue in detail in your other thread.

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