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    Default Will an Arrest for a Suspended License Affect a Concealed Carry Permit

    My question involves a professional license in the state of: New Mexico

    Earlier this year I was arrested for driving with a suspended/revoked Pennsylvania license in the state of New York (traveling for business) due to a clerical error that suspended it over a $0.00 fine, part of a fine I payed a few months before from NY. The fine was cleared up immediately and PA DMV reinstated it free of charge for the error, but the arrest still stands. The judge was not so friendly but knocked it down to a 509-1 (Unlicensed operator) which required me to take an hour long class on unlicensed driving and paying about a $230 fine. I'm moving to New Mexico for work next month and am looking to obtain a concealed firearm carry permit there. Will this offense be an issue in obtaining it, or is the crime not severe enough to warrant a denial of permit? The law states I cannot be convicted of a misdemeanor for a violent crime within 5 years, but I'm not sure where my instance falls.

    I've since bought several firearms in the state of Pennsylvania with no issue at all, as the background check doesn't ask about any misdemeanor charges. Some sources I've found say a 509-1 is not even a misdemeanor, but I want to be sure before I apply. Is there anything I should be worried about? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Will an Arrest for a Suspended License Affect Concealed Carry Permit

    An arrest will not affect it. In fact, even if you were convicted, it wouldn't affect your permit. The rules are no felony convictions or currently under indictment for felonies, or otherwise barred under Federal or other laws from possessing a gun. A conviction for the driving on the type of suspension you had isn't even a misdemeanor.

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