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    Default Charges for Keying a Car

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Colorado.

    I may have keyed someoneís car to get back at them. I left a mark that is probably 4 inches long and it was just one mark. They know Iím mad at them and could use it against me right? Iíve never been in trouble before or had a felony or been to jail. What do I do? Am I gonna go to jail? Help

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    Default Re: Keying a Car

    It could possibly result in jail time if charges criminally. If sued in civil court it would mean you would have to pay for the repair.

    Bottom line; whether it be criminal court or civil court, the case against you would need to be proven.

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    Default Re: Keying a Car

    You *may* have? Weren't you there at the time? Don't you know?

    Here's a suggestion; take responsibility for your actions. Own what you did. Offer to pay for the damage you made. I know I'd be far less likely to sue someone who admitted to what they'd done and made amends (which is called, behaving like an adult) as opposed to someone who tried to avoid taking any responsibility (which is called, behaving like a child).

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