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    Obviously it wasnt my best moment. I watched them make fun of my 6mo daughter on Facebook for days before i snapped. It was my own sister i said i was going to kill. We fight like this all the time so with her knowing i didnt mean it and her saying the same thing to me before i didnít expect her to call the cops.

    Im asking for advice on how to help my situation, rather than being judged. I know it was a messed up thing to say.

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    I gave you all the advice you needed way back in post #4 & #6. But I am happy to repeat it.

    1. Stop all contact with the person you threatened.
    2. Contact a lawyer.

    P.S. Since I doubt your 6 month old reads FaceBook I think they were making fun of you not your child.

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    You need to stop telling your sister, or anyone else, you are going to kill them. Your daughter will be school age before you know it. If she grows up around this type of behavior. She is going to say at school what she has heard from you. It will likely cause severe consequences for her. And possibly for you as well.

    You need to grow up. You are a mom now. You should not waste time watching people on social media that make you angry or upset. Your sister needs to grow up too

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    Default Re: Consequences of Making Threats to Kill Somebody

    Get criminal defense lawyer asap.

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