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    Default How to Keep a Child With the Family

    An unmarried father has a child, but he doesn't want to establish paternity because he doesn't want to pay child support.

    The mother recently placed the child with a friend, who is not a member of either parent's family. It looks like this is intended to be a long-term or permanent placement.

    The father's family wants to keep the child with a family member. How can they make sure that the child is in the custody of somebody in the family?

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    Default Re: How to Keep a Child With the Family

    The father's family's rights are derived through the father. That is, unless and until he decides that he wants to establish paternity, they are powerless to override the mother -- and if he does establish paternity, it is he who must commence any custody action.

    If he waits, mom may formalize the third party custody arrangement, or he may find out that the people raising the child are in the process of adoption. If he wants his family to have a relationship with the child, he shouldn't wait.

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