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    Default Problems With Noise Through a Wall

    A tenant of a condo in Colorado is having problems with noise coming through the wall of a neighboring condo. The landlord is sympathetic, but the neighboring condo is owned (and rented out) by somebody else.

    Can the tenant get out of the lease due to the noise?

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    Default Re: Problems With Noise Through a Wall

    When you live in a property with a shared wall, or with units above or below your own, noise is a risk of occupancy. The big question is whether the noise level is unreasonable, and that's normally defined by whether it violates a local noise ordinance, not by whether or not it is an annoyance.

    If the neighbors are so noisy that they may be violating a noise ordinance, it may be possible to have local law enforcement take noise readings and issue a citation if a violation is found. Also, the condo association may have noise rules that, if violated, would justify their taking action against the noisy neighbor.

    In the absence of noise that rises to the level of a documented ordinance violation, unless their landlord agrees to release them, the tenants can expect it to be difficult to escape their lease early.

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