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    Default How to Figure Out Why You Got a Subpoena

    If you get a subpoena to appear in court, how do you figure out why you received the subpoena? The recipient of the subpoena does not recognize the names of the parties to the lawsuit identified on the subpoena.

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    Default Re: How to Figure Out Why You Got a Subpoena

    The best way to find out why you received the subpoena is to contact the lawyer who issued the subpoena and ask.

    You can review the court file for the underlying case. Court records are public records and, depending on your state and county, you may be able to access the court records or case calendar online. From that additional information you may be able to figure out why somebody wants you to testify as a witness; but it's much easier if the lawyer who wants you to testify simply explains to you why your testimony is desired.

    If the subpoena instructs you to bring something with you to court (e.g., records) that may serve as another hint as to what the subpoena is about; if you are instructed to bring something to court and need clarification of what is being requested, that's another question to raise when you contact the issuing lawyer.

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