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    Default Boss is Requiring an Employee to Work Off a Debt

    A man in Texas was arrested for a criminal charge. He has a prior felony record, and his wife couldn't afford to post bond. His boss stepped in and posted bond.

    Now the man's boss is requiring that the man work every day. He's not letting him take days off or even take breaks.

    Worse, the boss says that the man owes $5,000 for the bond. The wife called the bail bonding company and found out that the bail bond cost $1,100.

    What should they do?

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    Default Re: Boss is Requiring an Employee to Work Off a Debt

    There is a bit of a "rock and a hard place" issue at play, because making an issue of this could cause the man to lose his job. Still, if the numbers are correct, the boss is exploiting and trying to cheat the employee.

    The man can consider asking the bail bonds place for a receipt, showing it to his boss, and asking for an explanation.

    If the man is not taking home at least minimum wage, or the deductions are otherwise excessive under state law, he can consider making a wage complaint about excessive deductions from his wages. No deductions should be occurring at all unless the man has signed a written authorization for deductions to be made from his wages to pay the debt.

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