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    Default Who is Liable for a Theft from a Secure Storage Facilty

    If you rent space in a secure storage facility, accessible by a coded keypad, who is liable if another customer uses their code for access and then steals your property? This is a vehicle storage facility, and the thief stole another customer's vehicle trailer.

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    Default Re: Who is Liable for a Theft from a Secure Storage Facilty

    Ideally the customer will have insurance to cover the loss.

    The storage facility would only be liable if it were negligent -- that is, if it knew or should have known that the other customer was a thief, and continued to allow the person to use the storage facility anyway. The mere fact that they offer this particular form of secure storage does not guarantee that theft or property damage cannot occur.

    Most likely, the only person who will be liable for the trailer (if it was not recovered and returned) is the thief. It is reasonable to infer that the thief was caught, so the trailer owner can consider suing the thief or making a claim for restitution as part of the criminal prosecution.

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