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    Default Injury from Explosion of a Gas Grill

    A man was at his mother's home, using her grill to cook for a family gathering. He ignited the grill without a problem but later, as he was cooking, there was an explosion. He had first and second degree burns to his face, neck, chest and arms, and his eyebrows and eyelashes were burned off. He now has vision problems. Is the grill manufacturer liable for the explosion?

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    Default Re: Explosion of a Gas Grill

    It will take a lot more information to determine if the problem is a defect with the grill (the source of a possible product liability claim) or if it was an issue of grill maintenance (in which case it may be possible to recover compensation through the mother's homeowner's insurance). If this is a newer grill, there could be liability on the part of the installer if the grill was improperly assembled, or improperly connected to a gas line or tank.

    Key questions include whether or not the grill malfunctioned, whether the grill was properly maintained, and the cause of the explosion (e.g., a loose connection with a propane tank or gas hookup, or an internal leak within the grill).

    Gas grills come with maintenance instructions, including instructions on routinely checking for gas leaks, but may owners do little maintenance beyond perhaps using a grill cover and occasionally changing a propane tank. When owners neglect to properly inspect and maintain their grills, it may be possible to support a negligence claim that will cover injuries that can be reasonably attributed to that neglect.

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