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    Default How to Get Somebody Discharged from a Mental Hospital

    A New Jersey woman is in a mental hospital against her will. Her family believes that she poses no threat to herself or others. How do they get her out?

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    Default Re: How to Get Somebody Discharged from a Mental Hospital

    The woman is either hospitalized because she consented to a hold (e.g., a 72-hour hold) or because a court found that she is in fact a danger to herself or others.

    If she is in the hospital on a voluntary hold, the family can speak with the hospital (with her consent) and try to arrange a discharge plan with appropriate follow-up care.

    If she is hospitalized pursuant to a court order, it will be necessary to have the court revisit its order or wait until the order expires. If that's the case, it would be sensible for the family to consult a lawyer who handles this type of issue, to investigate the basis for the order and appropriate steps that may be taken to challenge the order.

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