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    Default Suing niece for custody of special needs infant

    This is my situation my 17 year old niece gave birth to a baby 29 days ago. The baby was born with a cleft palate has a trach and gastric feeding tube in place which it will need until it has a repair surgery when it is 1 to 2 years old. The father of the baby was some one she met over the internet who doesn't want anything to do with her or the baby now. The niece says she plans on bringing the baby home from the NICU but she spends her time at the mall & visiting friends instead of going to the hospital plus she states that she plans on finishing high school this fall and working part time at a restaurant at night. Her mother has mutiple sclerosis and is totally cared for by her father (ie: fed, bathed, dressed, wheel chair bound). They are also all on wellfare. They live in Tennesse and my husband & I live in Illinois. I am her mother's younger sister. I am also a registered nurse. If there any way that my husband and I could sue for custody for this child and win?

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    Default Guardianship

    You may be able to seek a guardianship over the child. This, however, is something you should do with the assistance of a lawyer.

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