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    Default Servicemember Shoplifted at the PX

    A soldier in Advanced Individual Training (AIT) zoned out in an exchange store. He put a $10 item into his pocket and left without paying for it. He was stopped and taken to the police station, and his C.O. came to pick him up. What will happen to him?

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    Default Re: Shoplifted at PX

    His commanding officer has three options:

    1. Scold him and let him go;
    2. Scold him and allow him to accept an Article 15 non-judicial punishment; or
    3. Seek a court martial.

    An Article 15 punishment could be a loss of rank, forfeiture of pay, restriction to base, an official reprimand....

    If he's lucky, the C.O. will pick option $1. Beyond that, he should consult a lawyer.

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