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    Default Modifying a Doctor's Note

    A parent changed a note from a doctor, modifying the date, and submitted it as a reason for a child's absence from school. The school called to confirm the note. The doctor then contacted the parent and was very angry. He told her that she was in a lot of trouble, and that she was no longer welcome in his practice.

    Can she get into legal trouble for altering the note?

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    Default Re: Modifying a Doctor's Note

    If the note was necessary to avoid a truancy charge, then the lack of a valid note could have legal consequences. Beyond that, it's not likely that anything will happen to the mother. Modification of a note for work can get you fired; modification of a note to get public assistance or a similar benefit could result in fraud charges, but I can't recall ever seeing a statute that would make the modification of a note sent to a child's school a crime.

    If the school is aware that the note was not valid, mom will have to deal with the consequences at the school. If nothing else, it's unlikely that they're going to extend much trust to mom in the future.

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