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    Default How to Get Compensated for Providing Care to an Elderly Parent

    A woman in Georgia allowed her elderly parents to move into her home. Her father has since passed away, and her mother is very ill. Caring for her mother has become an around-the-clock job, with little respite.

    The woman cannot hold a job while caring for her mother. However, her parents provided no mechanism for her to receive compensation for their care. They did pay for some of their expenses in the early days, but no long-term arrangement was made and the mother is no longer mentally competent.

    The woman has asked her brother and sister about contributing to their mother's care. The siblings will not contribute a penny, and they also will not agree to her using any of her mother's assets to help support the household.

    What are the woman's options?

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    Default Re: How to Get Compensated for Providing Care to an Elderly Parent

    Legal issues aside, the woman should explore any support she can obtain from the state or county, as she may be able to get some help with the care for her mother that is free or highly subsidized.

    The woman may seek guardianship and conservatorship of her mother, and within those proceedings ask the court to authorize a reasonable payment for rent and expenses (food, toiletries and the like) and for her caregiving efforts. She can also seek authorization to pay for professionals to provide necessary care, including respite care, and her siblings may become less inclined to object to her receiving compensation once they realize how much that will cost.

    If worst comes to worst, the woman can consider arranging for mom to go into a long-term care facility. When they realize that any money they were hoping to receive from mom will end up paying for that care, the siblings may become more reasonable.

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