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    Default Jointly Titled Car

    I am married, separated after my husband beat me up. We jointly own a vehicle titled with the word -or- between our names. The vehicle is in Texas. We have had a joint insurance policy. I got notice today (via email) that the policy is going to be canceled due to non payment on 12/3. The vehicle is registered in Alabama. They have informed me over the phone that I have no recourse to remove my name from the title without him sending me the title document, my signing it, creating a bill of sale, sending it all back to him and then he re-registers it. He is angry, abusive and juvenile. I have tried to contact him with bad results. He is supposedly cohabitating with another woman in TX. She may be driving the vehicle, he is on the road driving truck. I know that I am in a bad situation now, what can I do to relieve myself from this liability? I am not going to be in Hawaii long enough to file for divorce, I am returning to the mainland in January. Please, any sugestions would be very much appreciated.

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    Default Auto Insurance Lapsed Post-Separation

    Were you living with your husband in Texas prior to the separation?

    If so, even though you are presently out of the country, I suggest you contact and retain a Texas lawyer to commence divorce proceedings, and to get an order in effect in relation to the car insurance such that you are protected - and such that in a worst-case scenario you would be reimbursed if you have to pay the insurance such that the policy is not canceled.

    As long as your name is on the title, it is important that the car remain insured such that you are protected from liability in the event of an accident. (Also, if the car is a leased vehicle, you are almost certainly required to carry insurance as a term of the lease.)

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