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    Is emotional abuse a legit reason to be removed from one's home?

    And if one can be removed is he allowed to move in with his 21 year old brother if he is 17 or do the courts place him in a home of an unknown?

    Because my parents are constantly grounding me for getting c's sometimes just one and i am not allowed to watch tv, play video games, have a cell phone, i have no internet access at home, i am also limited to the movies i am allowed to watch and the music and i am barely allowed to see my deceased mother's family, if none of this looks bad, my step brother gets c's and is not grounded and he is practically allowed to do whatever he wants...i have basically been grounded for 5 years of my life for being an average teenager...i dont do drugs but am constantly accused of it.

    i have been told by ohio cops that the only way to move out is to get emancipated and they told me that all i had to do was prove to the courts that i could support myself, you say this isn't true and i believe you...but can you help provide me with an internet link or info. of anything i can do for this kind of emotional abuse????

    Also, me and my brother are close, especially since our mom died 5 years back and my parents will not allow me to hang out with my own brother!!! My dad listens to my step mother because he is whipped...

    Please help me with anything i can do!!!!

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Ohio

    Abuse may justify protective services involvement. Emotional abuse? It's harder to say if they will get involved. Getting grounded is not emotional abuse.

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    Default Re: Emancipation Due To Emotional Abuse

    I understand that being grounded is not an emotional abuse...but being constantly grounded for getting c's is ridiculous!!! It is not just that i am being grounded...i am being grounded for being an average student...that is not fair!!!

    But what i was counting as emotional abuse was the fact that i am refrained from attending family events just because my "parents" can. And again i am kept from hanging out with my brother and his wife who are harmless and just want me to be around them. My dad has neglected me for three of the five years since my mother has been deceased and just last year has he started to act like he actually cares about me....but when i try to talk reasonably with him about me hating my life situation he ignores my reasonable requests and dismisses them as's emotional neglect.

    Ontop of this all is getting home from school and having to stay in the house all day and do nothing but school and work on fridays and saturdays.

    They have all these rules because they say they are trying to get me closer to God...i love God....but really they are showing me that to be close to God you have to have rules that dont even matter to God...they make no sense!!

    Before my dad met my step mom he was strict...but he had reasonable rules my dad and my step mom made up rules that are unreasonable and just so that they might have more power.

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    Ohio has no emancipation law. Neither a minor (< 18) nor the minor's parent is able to file a petition for emancipation.

    A minor can achieve independence from a parent in two ways:

    1. Lawful marriage; or

    2. Successful enlistment in any branch of the Armed Forces.

    However, in the event of divorce or annulment, or discharge from the Armed Forces before the age of 18, custody of the minor will automatically revert to the parent who previously had custody over the minor.

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    Default Re: Emancipation Due To Emotional Abuse

    Nothing you have described is grounds for emancipation even if your state DID have a statute for it.

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