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    Default How to Get the Birth Certificate for a Missing Person

    A woman in New York is trying to get her missing father's birth certificate. He is named on her birth certificate, but disappeared when she was a child, about thirty years ago. Nobody in the family has since heard from him.

    She is trying to learn about her extended family, but has no information about her paternal grandparents or other relatives on her father's side of the family.

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    Default Re: How to Get the Birth Certificate for a Missing Person

    It is very difficult to get the birth certificate of a living person, unless you're that person or their parent (if they're a minor) or legal guardian.

    If the goal is to try to track ancestors, it may be possible to find relatives without a birth certificate through a genealogy website or service.

    It is possible to obtain an uncertified copy of a birth certificate of a deceased person from the State of New York, but "missing" isn't enough. There are processes for having a person who has been missing for a very long time declared to be dead; but before attempting something like that it would make sense to try to find out if he's still alive. Some people who seem "impossible to find" turn out to be pretty easy to locate, once a private investigator performs a basic public records search -- and some of those searches are quite affordable -- so it's probably worth a try.

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