My question involves public health law in the State of: Georgia

Codeine can be dispensed at a pharmacist's discretion, and of pharmacists that sell it, it's usually just to people who have a "persistent cough that interferes with sleep" and an "intolerance to other cough medications". So, it does not require a formal doctor's evaluation. Some people who I have known have suddenly acquired this "persistent cough that interferes with sleep" and became "intolerance to other cough medications", and coincidentally their condition somehow spontaneously emerged while they were walking past the pharmacy. The whole practice of drinking large amounts of cough syrup of any kind to get high (whether its codeine or DXM) is not something that interests me at all even in a curiousity sort of way, and the mere thought of guzzling massive quantities of cough syrup is utterly nauseating. Anyways, one of my cough syrup guzzling friends has a prescription for an ADHD medication that is a controlled substance, Adderall XR, that he takes during the day. He recently ran the "line" so to speak to the pharmacist, and he is wondering if his purchase of codeine will show up to his GP who is aware that he has no cough. He is concerned that if the GP is able to see this record that he purchased codeine and has no cough, that he will be flagged as a drug abuser and his prescription will be cut off. He had to sign a log to purchase the codeine, is this something that his GP would have access to? Is this just a log at the pharmacy, or does it go to one's records that doctors and other medical professionals have access to?