My question involves criminal law for the state of: Tennessee
My friend stole some books. Unfortunately she has done it many times, but has never been caught. She has a clean record. Today she told me that she concealed in the store where she was sure no one could see her conceal in her bag. She then walked out of the store coincidentally at the same time as a father and his son because the father had held the door for my friend. The sensors beeped. The father and my friend look at each other and my friend says “I guess we’re okay”. My friend walks away out to her car as an employee comes to check the fathers purchase which he had a receipt for. She said the father might’ve said something to the employee about her since she didn’t stop and wait for the employee. My friend says there were no cameras on the building to get her license plate. She’s paranoid though. Is there any way she could be charged still? No one came after her she says. I’m worried for her. She says she doesn’t want to steal and hates that she does it but feels out of control and like she’s drowning in life. What is the worst case scenario for my friend? What is the most probable?