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    Default Re: Officer Knowingly Provided False Information Resulting in an Arrest

    So the actual story is that you were at a bar in front of many witnesses, you were seen driving away in your vehicle, your vehicle was later found abandoned after a single vehicle accident, when the police went to your home after the accident they found you, still intoxicated, and at that time your wife claimed that she somehow got the vehicle from you, drove it and crashed it? And there are no witnesses to anything relating to the accident other than your driving away from a bar after a public confrontation?

    If so, it's a charge you can potentially beat, but you're not going to beat it by pretending that you were set up by the officer who was present at the bar.

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    Default Re: Officer Knowingly Provided False Information Resulting in an Arrest

    No my wife was actually driving the car the officer stated he had spoken with numerous individuals at the bar it has been deemed false as I was no trespass from the establishment December 23rd of 2016 I was arrested because he falsely stated that he had spoken with numerous people there that officer was a local Town officer the state police were the arresting officers they arrested me because of his statements after my arrest the state police made three separate trips to the bar the third with the state liquor connection and then everything was explained to them as to why and how I could not have been at their establishment the way the officer said so that was incident one incident to is separate when I saw him at a bar and he tried to remove me from there I said no and he physically grab me aggressively twice while I was stating to him let go of me this is a salt are you foolish you know better than this. As I legally drove home as I now have a RDL license because of him he had me pulled over as he calls the state police and stated to them that I assaulted him after an hour and a half on the side of the road and 75 cooperating Witnesses and the recording of what happened in my pocket the state police finally let me go

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    Default Re: Officer Knowingly Provided False Information Resulting in an Arrest

    None of this makes any sense.

    One of the questions that you'd have to answer is WHY would the police do work so hard to frame you for what is, ultimately, a minor crime? What, did you sleep with his wife, kick his dog, say awful and slanderous things about his children or parentage or what?

    Cops are allowed to lie to you. You'll have prove, in court, that the case against you is built on a foundation of lies, which is way different. It's especially difficult for you to disprove the events if you were trashed at the time. Drunk people have a difficult time reconstructing events and are not reliable and are notoriously inaccurate at remembering what took place while they were trashed.

    I would not call other patrons in a bar witnesses, at least, not reliable witnesses.

    I really recommend an attorney to handle this, though. If your ability to clearly communicate, at the necessary level of this forum, is so impaired (for what ever reason) then you'll never be able to navigate the process that you face to deal with the tangled web of lies, deceit and self-deception. Hell, I'd recommend an attorney anyway.

    Get an attorney.

    Stay out of bars.

    Don't drive drunk.

    Yup, that just about sums it up.
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