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    Default Re: Accident Due to a Transmission Malfunction

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    Might want to watch this video:
    What does that have to do with
    1. The situation at hand
    2. Defective engineering

    the situation shown in that video was a matter of improper adjustment of the shift mechanism. That has nothing to do with defective engineering and it had nothing to do with the tractor moving forward when shifted into reverse

    This is from a John Deere dealership mechanic.

    There is a gear in the trans that is not made to spec and may fail. When it fails, the unit will freewheel with no brakes.
    nothing about it causing the transmission to be in forward when the operator had shifted it into reverse. In fact, based on that description it sounds like it is a gear in the final drive and would have nothing to do with the forward/reverse function of the transmission.

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