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    Default Compensation and PIP Benefits for Motorcycle Accidents

    How can a harmed motorcycle rider recover compensation for medical costs following a crash without the help of a lawyer?

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    Default Re: Compensation and PIP Benefits for Motorcycle Accidents

    For a broad discussion of whether or not you need a lawyer to negotiate your own personal injury claim, read this article.

    For any first party benefits (benefits you obtain from your own insurance company), your rights are going to depend upon state law and the terms of your insurance policy. If you are entitled to benefits from your own insurance company but are having difficulty getting those benefits, it will generally make sense to consult a lawyer about an appropriate next step. You can likely get a free consultation and you don't have to hire the lawyer -- but without knowing the facts as well as what state is involved, many complicating factors may arise, it may be very difficult to dispute a denial without the help of a lawyer, and statements or concessions that you make while negotiating a claim or appealing a denial could harm your ability to recover benefits.

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