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    Default Hiding from the Police

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA. 6 cops charge my front door commence door pound- knocking . I'm on probation for only drug possession misdemeanor charges . No violent or theft crimes just possession on my record. Before my roommate opens the door I climb up on the roof and lay flat so they can't see me cause I know about the warrant for not attending prop 36 diversion for my most recent arrest from over a year ago. Keep in mind these are regular city police no probation officers or warrant .

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    Default Re: Hiding from the Police

    You shouldn't put your roommate in the position of covering for you, and potentially being charged if he is found to be actively misleading the police about your location.

    The regular city police could have been there to arrest you on the warrant. With six officers arriving, there's also a chance that you're wanted for a new criminal offense.

    If you were caught hiding on the roof, you will already know if you are facing any charges as a result of your actions on the day at issue. If not, then the police won't know what you were doing unless you or your roommate tell them. Perhaps you could complete your thoughts and ask a clear question.

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