My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

Guys I need some real help. I beg of you to take me seriously. I am literally going insane. I am from Los Angeles, California.

I am a pathetic young adult. 22 years of age. I am one of those guys who never got a chance in life. I was born homeless, taken in to foster care, and now I work a sad life at a gas station and I barely have enough money to pay my rent for a dirty and small little room. I am typing from a public computer right now. I can't even afford one.

Anyways, basically my life routine is go to work, go to local public library, use the computer, and then go home. Rinse and repeat. The thing is I am super worried because I go on the computer and make up weird stories describing people's problems in life. Like a person worried about having done criminal activities. But I describe it in the first person and when I feel like I have written a good, weird, story I post it online to various forums. None of the stories describe criminal activity particularly vile or despicable like murder, rape, assault, abuse or threatening behavior. But still some are somewhat creepy or weird. And I receive some very negative responses sometimes calling me and accusing me quite angrily. Other times I get more of a positive reception. Is it legal to do this? I know I don't have much of a life but the last thing I want to be is a criminal.

You might ask why someone would do this? I have no clue. Maybe it is because I wish my life wasn't so pathetic and I imagine some type of excitement in life and thus I write about this as if it was a fictional world. It is like my source of television because I don't even have one. You guys will probably think of me as some loser and laugh at me after reading this. A 22 year old with no computer, no tv, who works at a gas station, and has a problem like this. Damn, I hate myself.