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    Default Do You Owe a College Tuition for Classes That You Never Attended

    My question involves education law in the State of: Indiana

    Hi, I was living in Florida at the time but enrolled in an online program for a college in Indiana-This was in 2007. I never attended the classes I signed up for because I fell quite ill around this time and was needing to see a hematologist oncologist regularly plus I was having surgeries and other tests done to try to figure out what could be the root of the issue I was experiencing. I actually got meningitis around this time and was hospitalize for some time and had to have a splenectomy shortly after. Although I had signed up for classes I did not actually pay the amount owed after my Pell Grant was applied and every college I had attended before this school plus the ones I have attended since have always dropped me from the classes after a week for non payment.

    Basically, If you do not pay the amount owed with cash, credit, loans or grants you are withdrawn from the classes due to non payment. I figured this would be the case since I never actually paid the $2300 left after my Pell Grant was applied to the tuition. I never heard from the college nor had I moved from my residence until 2017 so they had my correct address to send me a notice if I did owe anything. Fast forward to now. My current college asked for my transcripts from this school- I never disclosed I went there since in my mind I never did since I only enrolled but never completed payment for the classes I signed up for. I guess my current school can see schools I attended based on my Pell Grant disbursement.

    Anyways, I had no clue my Pell Grant was disbursed to this college or that I even would have a transcript from them. Upon contacting this college who by the way was no longer referred to by the same college name- I guess they changed their name- They said I must pay the $2300 before they release my transcripts. I understand if a balance is owed you must pay but my question is how could I be enrolled in classes if I never paid for them completely. Every other college makes you pay upfront for classes before you actually attend or else you are instantly dropped or dropped in a week for non payment.

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    Default Re: Owing a College Tuition for Classes when I Never Attended

    Every school has a process for, and a deadline by which, you must withdraw if you are not going to attend classes. Only if you follow that process within that deadline are you excused from payment.

    Did you do so? I am not talking about defaulting - I am talking about picking up the phone or filling in the form or taking an active roll in telling the school that you will not be attending classes after all.

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