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    Question How to Handle Medical Bills After a Dog Attack

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: North Carolina

    My 6yo boy was playing with the owner and her daughter in their yard when their dog got out and attacked him. Injuries was part of his ear was ripped and required stitches and visits to ENT and check-ups.

    We spoke to the owner and they have verbally agree to pay for the bills, however which bill should I hand to them and how should hand them the bill?

    Without insurance the bills are 4000$+, however with my insurance its around 700$. I don't want to be screwed and give them the 700$ bill and then they refuse to pay and I have to get a lawyer with a different bill of 4000$+.

    I have contacted my insurance about this and they do not pursue or coordinate other insurance to pay the bills and I would have to go through legal routes to do so.

    Which is the bill that I should give them? Bills before all my co-pay of 4000+, or Bills that I owe of ~700$.

    Please help

    Thank you

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    Default Re: How to Hand Bills

    You give them the bill for what you actually have to pay.

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    Default Re: How to Handle Medical Bills After a Dog Attack

    North Carolina has passed a rule of evidence limiting proof of losses for medical expenses to actual out-of-pocket expenses. See North Carolina Rules of Evidence, Rule 414. If they won't pay $700 and you sue, but you're only out of pocket the $700, that's all a court will ultimately award.

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