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    Default How to Know if You're a Target of a Chat Room Sting

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: ohio. Hello legal bluffs. I have a stupid friend who chatted sexually with a 16 year old (supposedly). He is climbing the wall with anxiety and i am worried he might have a heart attack. I am trying to offer what ever comfort I can even though he is dumb. I know anything is possible but an looking for more likely or less likely . He mentioned that the person was the first to offer to send a picture, first to offer and maybe meeting one day. They talked in genertaities about meeting but no specifics on date time location. The picture received appeared to be a female below 18. She also talked some weird things. She said that she would like to drink so much she blacks out and then have him f$$$ her. Also asked what kind of tail he would like her to put in her a$$ so she could parade around the hotel room. Does this sound more likely or less likely a sting? Thanks on behalf of my friend.

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    Default Re: Chat Room Sting

    We have no way of knowing if your "friend" became involved in a sting operation, nor do we know if anything he did constituted a criminal act. He will have to wait and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Chat Room Sting

    If Chris Hansen tells you to have a seat over there, you're a target.

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    Default Re: Chat Room Sting

    Tell your "friend" to stay off sex chat sites and he won't have to worry about it.

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    Default Re: Chat Room Sting

    I was only looking for a "professional" opinion if the tactics I described sounded more or less likely like tactics the police would use.

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    Quote Quoting Curious12321
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    I was only looking for a "professional" opinion if the tactics I described sounded more or less likely like tactics the police would use.
    Then you should call the police and ask them.

    Your friend won't know until he's in cuffs and that can take years based on SOLs. So I guess he gets to sweat.

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    Default Re: Chat Room Sting

    First of all, professional opinions are found only through paid lawyers. People here are volunteers and do this on their own time.

    2nd of all if you want a better opinion provide more information. Where there pictures exchange? When did this occur? What was the chat site or at least details of the chat site? etc.

    3rd. Most of the times this turns out to be nothing. However, I tell people there are 5 things that can get them screwed in these types of things. 1) Talk about meeting up 2) Actually meet up 3) Have a long term relationship (aka more than 1 day or a couple hours) 4) Give out your contact information or personal information 5) Send out explicit pictures/videos.

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    Default Re: Chat Room Sting

    Sorry to bother again but had two remaining questions. Would it be considered unusual for a undercover to be the one to first offer and send a naked photo and be the first to suggest meeting sometime? Also, would it be unusual for the UC to tell what they want to do sexually to the other as opposed to drawing out what the other wants to do the UC? I have read a few articles that state the UC doesn't normally do these things but thought I would ask here. Last, the occurence occurred 15 days ago. For a rough idea. How long needs to go by before the person can at least start to breathe and live again? Thank you in advance for all your help.

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