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    Default Dismissed Felony Charge on F-1 Visa Status

    I was arrested for possession of THC edibles with 2 friends in Sierra Blanca Texas.The driver had kept it in his bag but he refused to say it was his and got all of us arrested. The charges were dropped and dismissed since the edibles weren't mine and were found in one location and thats the driver's bag; The arrest constitutes to a felony. My f1 visa is valid but will this cause problems when I return back to the US for holidays at the port of entry ? And will this arrest affect me for the rest of my life ?

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    Default Re: Dismissed Felony Charge on F-1 Visa Status

    It doesn't matter if he said it was his or not or whether it was his or not. That's not how possession works. But you were lucky they dropped the charges. No it should not be an issue now with regard to your visa or US travel.

    This likely isn't going to be a problem unless you somehow manage to be in a position to apply for US naturalization. Then, you'll have to do some explaining, but it shouldn't be much of an issue then either.

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    Default Re: Dismissed Felony Charge on F-1 Visa Status

    One issue you need to be careful about as an international student is that an arrest can trigger the automatic "prudential revocation" of an F1 visa. A finding of guilt is NOT required, just an arrest. This can happen quickly due to law enforcement data sharing that occurs. The revocation notice can be sent via email or a mailed letter from the Department of State.

    Often students don't even know their F1 was revoked until they leave the US and are turned away when they try to return. You should have your university's DSO confirm that your F1 is still active.

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