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    Default How to Stop Ex Parte Communications

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Pennsylvania.

    My Ex and I are in our 3rd year of our divorce. He recently fired his attorney and proceeded Pro Se. He wrote a letter to the judge last week telling him a lot of lies and misinformation.
    My lawyer is filing a Motion for Sanctions for Ex Parte Communication. Does anyone know what the sanctions could be for my ex? I'm just curious because he thinks rules do not apply to him and it will be nice to see him finally get into some kind of trouble for the stuff he has been doing for the past 3 years.

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    Default Re: Ex Parte Communications

    In this sort of case, sanctions are unlikely. Likely the judge will give him a pretty stern warning not to do it again and if he doesn't he could face fines or jail for contempt or be excluded from the proceedings (unlikely).

    The judge should ignore ex parte communications (indeed, as soon as he realized what they were he should have stopped reading).

    Note that the only thing that made this "ex parte" is he didn't also send you/your lawyer a copy. He's free to send all the letters he wants provided he does them to all parties.

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    Default Re: Ex Parte Communications

    This is the 3rd time he has done it in the past month.

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    Default Re: Ex Parte Communications

    If pro se litigants send letters to the court, what happens next will depend upon the practices of the court and judge. Some judges will send copies to the other party. Some will drop them unread into an envelope and raise the issue at the next hearing. With some, being as they are not being properly filed, they may be returned to sender or dropped in the trash.

    It's not possible to evaluate whether or not the conduct is sanctionable based upon the information we have been provided so far.

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