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    While exiting a parking lot and getting into a friends car, I accidentally hit a nearby parked car with the door. It was completely an accident and the owner of the other car just looked at the very minor scratch (maybe an inch by and Inch) there also was no dent, and after looking at it the driver drove away and didnt collect any information. What can the owner of the other car do if he didnt give us his information?

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    If he wanted to do something he would have asked for your information.

    If he saw the incident, saw the damage, didn't ask for any information and drove away, odds are he's going to limit himself to complaining to family and friends about the idiot who dinged his car door. (No offense intended - in my experience "the idiot", or sometimes "that idiot", is a generic term for another driver who does something that is foolish, dangerous or inconsiderate. There are less polite alternatives. )

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    thanks for the info(and for that yes i am an idiot)

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