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    Default Recovering Damages for Privacy Violations and Identity Theft

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Texas, Nevada, California.

    I am a victim of Identity Theft; I am a victim of stalkers; I am a victim of violent crime. I an searching for an Attorney. This is not a contract, but may lead to one. I am protected by Marsi's Laws and California Stalking Laws. You may lookup these laws on Victims Compensation Board Website; you may also read Stopping Identity Theft by Nolo and USA Today for more information.
    These criminals that are stalking me are a very dangerous group; they call themselves the "Isis Group".

    There are many crimes this group is involved in against me and my parents including: hacking and Cyber-Crime, civil harassment, identity theft, robbery, stalking, stealing of intellectual property, defamation, solicitation of murder, gamming in the stock market, drug dealing, kidnapping, hostage-taking, threats against my life and my parent's lives, assault, battery, use of suicide bombers, extortion, working a pyramid scheme, crimes against humanity, International war crimes, defrauding the public, terrorism, racketeering, escaping the criminal justice system, violating orders of restraint, burglary, embezzling, murder, attempted maiming, obstruction of justice, contempt of court, false imprisonment and Police Brutality.

    If you see my name being used with out my permission, please notify me. I would also like to be notified of any crimes committed against me on the Internet. I would like information about any of my property, or my identification that has been stolen. I am especially interested in the theft of my personal property in Texas and any information that you have concerning any crimes committed there.

    I would like information about crimes committed against my parents or any property stolen from them in Texas or California. If there is information that you have and you do not disclose it or if you aid any of these people, you will be charged with the same crimes they are charged with, according to California Stalking Laws, in both civil and criminal court.

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    Default Re: The First Amendment and Privacy: Isis Group: Identity Theft

    Of course, it's not a contract. It is missing the essential elements a contract needs. Stating something is or not a contract doesn't make it one way or the other.

    There's no such thing as Marsi's law. There's Marsy's law, however. Perhaps you should read up on it your self before presuming to educate us.

    We don't do legal referrals here and those who are attorneys here do not troll for clients based on forum posts. You may wish to consult the local bar association for referrals or the Lawyer Directory on the home page of this site.

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