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    Default Social Security Name Discrepancy

    There is a discrepancy between my birth certificate and Social Security card. I contacted the vital hall of records and turns out I need a court order for a name change, which is an expensive, arduous process. Is there an easier way to fix this

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    Default Re: what if you know someone using two social security numbers

    If you want to fix the SS card to match the incorrect birth certificate, contact a Social Security Office to schedule an appointment, take in your documentation to prove that there was an error in the issuance of your original card, and ask for the correction of the error.

    If you want to correct your name to what YOU think it should be, then at this point in your life the court ordered name change is the only way.

    It's not that arduous. You draft the order (there are online forms available to do this). Cheap it isn't I guess. It will cost you $210 to file in most NY courts, but $65 if you're in NYC (if you're indigent, you can get a fee waiver). You will then be instructed how to publish the change (most local newspapers will be able to do this with a phone call). I'd get extra certified copies. Some places will want to see it. Some will want to keep a copy.

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