My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: New York

I was laid off in May of 2017 and found a job in July 2017. At the time I was laid off I thought I was going to find a job right away and when I did not i filed for unemployment. I took some really bad advise from my neighbor and said that since I did not apply right away I could continue to collect for the time I waited which was about 2 or 3 months.

My current job received a notice asking to supply some information regarding my employment. They had advised me, but I had already contact unemployment to try to set up a payment plan to correct the problem. I was not aware of any of the rules and in the bast I found a job within a week and never needed to apply for unemployment. When I spoke to unemployment they told me I needed to wait for aletter of determination before I could set up any payment plans. In the meantime I received a letter from Unemployment investigator to supply copies of certain documents. I am going to go to there off on the date we all scheduled and explain what took place.

I am really scared as I have never delt with anything like this in my life. During the time this all took place my mother passed away, my step mother has been hospitalized for the last 8 months and I have a child with special needs, this is not at all an excuse but I am have been really overwhelmed.

If I go in an explain what took place and that I want to pay the money back, will I be procecuted. I am soo scared and I am the primary caregive to my son. All I want to do is correct this horrible mistake.