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    Default Can You Sue a Rehab Facility for Not Mitigating Withdrawal Symptoms

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: Tennessee,
    Checked myself into rehab to help with ptsd. The rehab facility didnít get records from the prior rehab facility that I went to when I received my diagnosis. The prior rehab facility has access to the testing which is how I was diagnosed. They reordered the testing and cut me dry of several medications for a sleep study that I didnít order, it caused withdrawal symptoms of agitation and anxiety which made me leave against medical advice. I have proof that they didnít get the records, refused me a change of therapist and basically are trying to get me to leave ama again. Other patients here have been getting the carousel circle treatment to. Their therapy list doesnít coincide with what they treat. Do I have a case? I also have lots of evidence to show they havenít been treating my conditions, amongst other things.

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    Default Re: This Constitute Medical Malpractice

    If you are not any worse off now than you were before, then you have no malpractice case.

    But even if you did, there isn't going to be enough money for a lawyer to take it on a contingency.

    However, there is no harm in getting a free consult with a medical malpractice attorney and review your options.

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    Default Re: This Constitute Medical Malpractice

    You cannot order a sleep study. or anything else. It is up to the doctors treating you. To decide how to treat you. They are not required to get previous medical records. They also do not have to treat you based on testing from other doctors. You are the patient. They are the doctors

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