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    Default Can You Sue a County Over Injuries Suffered in Jail

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Ark. I was asleep an pulled off my rack by two inmates that beat a result I was taken to ER exam showed my forehead was shifted an my two perfect front teeth are now crooked an broke off...surprisingly nobody saw nothing an surveillance didn't show it...can I sue the county an make them pay to fix my teeth...thanks.

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    Quote Quoting Sutton46
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    can I sue the county an make them pay to fix my teeth
    Sure, you can sue the county.

    But the county didn't do anything wrong to you, it was the other inmates.

    Sue the inmates that did it.

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    Default Re: Brass Eagle Statue

    A lot more would need to be known but yes, sometimes the county can be held liable for injuries to an inmate.

    Now, nothing you have stated suggests the county would have any lability in your case but contrary to jacks statement, even if it was another inmate that caused the actual injury, the county is not free from all claims due to just that fact.

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