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    Question Certified Letter from Employer Cautioning Ex-Employee Aboutf a Confidentiality Clause

    I received a certified letter from one of my employers stating that I needed to remember my contractor agreement with them and be mindful of not sharing their IP or methodologies with one if their competitors with whom I also work. is this normal? I signed the contractor agreement and cleared their security and background checks.

    They only know who I work with from LinkedIn, so I found it odd that the HR director had viewed my profile one day and the letter turned up two days later. I don’t care that they know, but find it discomfiting to receive a “reminder” in which they are “confident” I know my place! I have no non-compete, obviously. Is it paranoia?

    Thoughts appreciated.

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    Default Re: Certified Letter from Employer Regarding Confidentiality Clause

    It is simply them reminding you of what you signed. They may have received an email when you had a change on LinkedIn.

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    Default Re: Certified Letter from Employer Regarding Confidentiality Clause

    What difference does it make if it's "normal"?

    You got the letter. Nobody did anything wrong to you by sending it. If you post your personal information on line, it's fair game.

    You have a contract. Read it. Understand it. Obey it. Or risk getting sued over it.

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