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    Default Can the News Say You're Charged With a Crime Before a Warrant is Issued

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: South Carolina
    My fiance is incarcerated and almost 2 months ago I see his face run across the TV....another county put a story out saying he was being charged with 2 counts of distribution. They still have not even issued any warrant. I've contacted the solictor several times, they have received nothing from the sheriff's department. My fiance has wrote the solictor as well yo ask for his motion of discovery and had the people at the prison who check for holds check and see if he had any warrants. And still nothing...can they put him on TV like that? And how long do they have to charge him since they say they already have? What else can he do at this point?

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    Default Re: Can They Legally Do This

    What makes you think they need a warrant if he is in jail? A warrant is an order to arrest him. They already have him. The solicitor and the sheriff have no requirement to talk to YOU. YOU have no rights here. What you should do is to get your fiance an attorney. He obviously is being held pending an indictment. He's entitled to a bond hearing, but the rest of your statements about criminal procedure are gibberish.

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    Default Re: Can They Legally Do This

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    What else can he do at this point?
    Get a lawyer.

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    Default Re: Can the News Say You're Charged With a Crime Before a Warrant is Issued

    Can the news cover a charge, before the warrant is served? Yes, it can. They can also cover crimes and criminal investigations before charges are filed.

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