My question involves defamation in the state of: PA

Hello, I have a neighbor where I live who hollers in a foreign language to himself all night long. I do not know what he is saying, but he sounds angry and unstable. It usually starts around midnight and lasts until 4-5am. Intermittent bursts of hollering, singing and other things. While I cannot understand it, I can hear every word from anywhere in my apartment.

Iíve emailed property management and Iíve called the front desk. In the presence of the front desk staff, I told this young man that I could hear everything he was saying and that it interrupted my sleep. This was at around 1 am on a Sunday night by the way. He apologized, but the next night it continued again.

I spoke with the local police describing the situation. They told me that his behavior likely is a violation of the noise ordinance due to the volume and the time of day and the frequency. He told me that I could feel free to call the police any time it happened and they could come deal with it. Well, I called them not too long ago. They came to the door, told the neighbor he had to be quiet. He apologized to the police and they left. As soon as they left the noise and hollering continued again.

I called the police again recently. He told me that if it continues to happen they can come again and provide me with a police report for my records. I wish I asked for that the first time.

If I obtain the police report, and show it to the leasing office to prove that I am not just making the noise complaint up, can my neighbor sue me for releasing his information to them?

My goal in all of this is to make the leasing company enforce the portion of their lease that Says that after 10pm and prior to 8:30am quiet hours must be observed. They are unwilling to do anything if you call them the next day and say a loud party happened in apartment so and so last night. Their knee-jerk reaction is always to say: call us next time it happens and weíll take care of it. Well, the leasing office closes at 6pm; so there is no way I can call them at 3am when my neighbor is freaking out. The only people I can call at that time is building security, they do nothing, or the police who can at least witness the noise and disturbance and give me a record of their being here at my request.