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    Default County Won't Enforce Code Compliance Violations

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Arizona. I'm trying to get Pinal County Code Compliance department to enforce blatant code violations by my neighbor and County keeps giving me the runaround and excuses. My neighbor's mobile home caught fire a few months ago, he has moved and left an untitled, old unlicensed camper with flat tires, an unlicensed old car with no wheels or tires, an old feed tank that serves no functional purpose, piles of old fence materials, an old motor, old boat, old golf cart with flat tires and his awning is falling apart. I've reported this numerous times because it clearly states in the County's code compliance rules that ALL of these are violations. The county code compliance officers recently compared it to driving 56 in a 55 mph speed limit zone and it's up to law enforcement to decide whether to cite the driver. I don't understand this rationale at all. I'm trying to sell my property, this is right in front of mine and it clearly hurts my property value and appeal to a new owner. No one lives there now, so county doesn't use the excuse anymore that people are allowed to have their stuff. What am I missing? What's the purpose of having a code if it's never enforced? How does this compare to speeding which involves the safety of other people on the road? Is there anything I can do to get them to do their job? Please help. All recommendations are appreciated.

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    Default Re: County Won't Enforce Code Compliance Violations

    Whether to enforce a code violation or a speeding violation are up to the discretion of the officer. No law says they must cite every violation they see. Given that, if the code enforcement officers are, in your opinion, not doing a proper job of enforcing the code you have two remedies: (1) complain to the elected officials (like county commissioners, etc) about it and (2) if the elected officials will not act, vote them out and replace them with officials who will insist on tighter enforcement.

    You may also see an attorney to find out if you might have a shot at a nuisance or other claim against the neighbor to force him to clean up the trash on the property.

    There are, however, no options here that are fast and cheap.

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