My question involves a person located in the state of: California

I was discharged from the hospital in December of 2017 with direction from the hospital that I needed oxygen at home. Prior to discharge the hospital sent a vendor to my room to arrange for this service. The vendor took my credit card, Medicare and Blue Cross information. I was initially billed $325 for oxygen, which I believed would be refunded once approval was obtained through Medicare and Blue Cross.

I followed up with my Pulmonary physician, who concurred oxygen was necessary and he provided the vendor with additional documentation justifying the need.

Not having received any adjustment to my $325 credit card charge, in January of 2018, I sent the vendor two emails inquiring as to its status, but received no response. However, I received no further bills for oxygen but also noticed I received no EOBs from Medicare or Blue Cross indicating they were being billed for the service.

Just recently, I received a bill from the oxygen vendor for over $1,000 for several months' service, which was going to be charged to my credit card. When I inquired as to why they had not been billing Medicare and Blue Cross, they stated that in their opinion, substantiation by my physician was insufficient to meet Medicare criteria, so they elected not to do so and decided to charge my credit card instead. When I followed up with my physician's office, they insisted that not only did their substantiation meet the required Medicare criteria, but that the vendor sent them a Certificate of Medical Necessity form to sign, something the vendor would not have done unless they concurred the criteria had been met.

So at this point, the doctor says the Medicare criteria has been met while the provider says it has not, refuses to bill insurance and insists on charging my credit card. Needless to say, I can't afford $1,000+ every quarter for oxygen. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? (And yes, I am looking for a new oxygen provider.)