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    Default Can You Get a Probation Sentence Reduced While in Good Standing

    My question involves criminal law for the state of Tennessee I am currently on community corrections and have under four years left after paying fines off and being compliant with no violations. What are the chances of having the sentence reduced or suspended or terminated? This is a 10 year sentence.

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    Default Re: Can You Get a Probation Sentence Reduced While in Good Standing

    You have served six years of probation, with 100% compliance, and all of your fines, costs, assessments, restitution, supervision fees and the like are fully paid? Then it's certainly worth seeing if your probation officer will recommend an early discharge.

    The odds of success? It's reasonable to infer that this was a serious criminal offense, and the nature and facts of the offense, your prior record, the position of the victim, the impressions and recommendation of the probation officer, and the beliefs and practices of the trial judge could all affect any attempt to offer an estimate. I suggest seeing what your probation officer has to say and, if you don't get a positive response, consider discussing your situation in detail with a local criminal defense lawyer.

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